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Vesak ceremoni (fira Buddhasfördelsedag)

Tisdag, onsdag och torsdag (25-27 i maj 2021)


10.00 Gathering

10.15 Introduction and start

11.30 Break

11.45 Metta meditation

12.30 Lunch and rest

13.30 Walking meditation

14.30 Chanting Meditation

15.15 Break 15.30 Meditation

16.15 Break

16.30 Meditation

17.30 Evening Buddha Puja

18.00 End of the day.

OBS: We will keep Noble silent during this whole 3 days period.

Cost: Donation basic. We are grateful for your kind generosity for the maintainers and hold this event.

Place: Helsingborg Buddhist Vihara Örebrogatan 32

Dress code: White or light colour dress

(Please confirm your participation. We will accept only 7 participants)

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